As members of the Body of Christ at Bethpage United Methodist Church, we are dedicated to our mission of worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ, growing in his image through the study of his Word, and reaching out into the world as the hands and feet of Christ through love and caring of people. Every person we meet is an opportunity to share the love of Christ, and each and every member of our congregation is called upon to fulfill this purpose.

Our goal is not to be ordinary but extraordinary in our commitments and responsibilities. To be excellent, to really make a difference, we must embody (live out) our core values of Prayer, Integrity, Excellence, Kindness, Caring, and Teamwork. To further define and exemplify these values, we have developed and endorsed Always Behaviors. These behaviors are defined as actions we are to always exhibit in our daily walk as a means to affirm our commitment to Christ, each other and the people we seek to serve and love in Christ’s name. In order to share the love of Christ, these specific behaviors must be demonstrated at all the times we can and in all the ways we can by each and every one of us.

These Always Behaviors exemplify our vision, mission and core values and enable us to accomplish our purpose as ambassadors of Christ in the world.


Vision: That every person will come to a personal knowledge of Christ, receive Him as their Lord and Savior, and follow Jesus in their daily walk.

Mission (Purpose): Worship God in Spirit and Truth; Grow into the fullness of Christ; Reach out into the world as Christ's hands and feet.

Worship: Glorify God in all we do and say.

Grow: Study God's Word and apply it to daily life.

Reach Out: Share the Gospel in word and deed.

In order for us to accomplish the above stated vision and purpose, we have identified several core values that every member should strive to exemplify daily in their lives.


PRAYER: Bethpage is a praying church. We believe prayer is the most important thing we do. It is not one of the many ministries of the church, rather the heart and soul of the church; the umbrella under which all the ministries of the church are fulfilled.

INTEGRITY: We will be who we claim to be. We will be Christ- like. We will be honest, trustworthy and ethical. We will keep our commitments, accept responsibility for our actions, and take seriously our calling to be Christ's image in the world though our words and deeds, in all we do and say.

EXCELLENCE: We are committed to excellence. We take pride in our church and strive to be our best, do our best, and give our best to the glory of God.

KINDNESS: We will welcome everyone in a spirit of Christian hospitality and treat others with love and kindness, giving them the courtesy they deserve. We will speak words that are positive. We will be gentle and sensitive to others feelings, and respectful of others opinions. We will listen, honor and uphold confidentiality.

CARING: Believing that people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care, we are committed to be helpful and respond to individual needs, both physical and spiritual.

TEAMWORK: Linked by our common vision and mission (purpose), we will work cooperatively as a team. We understand that every member of our congregation is a minister and everyone has a ministry. We respect and value the unique gifts and talents with which God endows each person that enables them to do the unique ministry God has call them to do. We value diversity in all its forms and recognize that people are our greatest assets.